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I don't like sour coffee...a quick note from us

I don't like acidic coffee...

We've heard it time and again. "I prefer chocalatey or nutty coffees". I don't like acidic coffees. What can you recommend us?

At Round Boy Roasters, we've had the unique vantage point to observe a range of customers start their coffee starting experiences with us. And in almost 90% of the cases where a customer states they don't prefer acidic coffee, it stems from a bad experience consuming a poorly made cup of coffee.

Upon continuing their journey with us, they will usually try one of our "sour" filter coffees and remark what a balanced and intriguing...

A Round Boy Roasters Brew Guide - Part 2 Chemex

The Chemex

was invented by the Chemist Peter J. Schlumbohm, from Germany in 1943.  It never got traction with the masses till the 3rd Wave Coffee emerged in the 90s where taste profiles of coffee, lighter roast and more succinct aromas were more widespread and sort after. It is a beautiful, elegant work of art that brews clean crisps coffee that still retains all its clarity of flavours.

Essentially, the main factors that make the...

A Round Boy Roasters Brew Guide - Part 1 V60

Brewing has always been a mesmerizing feat ever since the third wave coffee emerged in the 90s and took the coffee world by storm. It is, eloquent, pleasing to the eye and almost always therapeutic; not forgetting manual brewing always churns out super delicious coffee if done right.

Neil Gaiman once said “Black as night, Sweet as Sin” about coffee and we could not agree more.

Hence at Roundboyroasters, we have come up these simple guides that will have you brewing cup after cup of delicious coffee in no time so let’s get...

Coffee Primer - An introduction to the process of making a cup of coffee.


If coffee brewing sounds intimidating and you’re confused by all the terms, this article is for you. Acquainting yourself with these tips will help you along your journey of learning.

This is not an advanced guide on brewing methodology. It’s about fundamentals.

This guide can be broken down as follows:

  • Coffee brewing can be simple or as complex as you’d like it to be.
  • Coffee reacts to the brewing method
  • Coffee is multidimensional
  • Coffee is suffering

Coffee brewing can be as simple or as complex as you’d...