Ultimatum Tamper - Solo (Fantastic Companion to your Aram)

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    Compacting is one of the most important and delicated things when making espresso coffee. To simplify this, Aram created the Ultimatum Tamper.

    It helps you to compress the coffee powder in the basket of your Aram Coffee Maker or any other commercial espresso maker with a 53.3mm basket.

    You can adjust the compaction pressure between 10kg and 15kg of force according to your needs.

    The fitting of the tamper to the basket always happens in a self-aligned way, ensuring an always flat tamp, reducing extraction issues and other problems.

    In addition, Aram has the developed Sensus Technology, which allows you to feel and hear a click when reaching the set compaction force. Now just attach the portafilter to the machine and start extracting.

    All of these characteristics make you significantly increase the quality of your espresso coffee, obtaining great results in the cup at home or in the cafeteria. It is perfect for standardizing compression and tamping between baristas.


    • Designed to level always aligning with the edge of the basket.
    • Evenly compacts coffee with little side-wall residue. 
    • Base designed to reduce suction when removing the tamper - no more dislodged coffee pucks.
    • No handle, no wrist strain
    • Designed and manufactured in Brazil.