'- Hario Buono Kettle 1.2L - MATT BLACK -

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Up your pour-over game with the Hario Buono drip kettle - its slim, gooseneck spout allows for a controlled and consistent pour, optimising extraction and taste.

Now beautifully coated in matte black to add a touch of luxury to your coffee collection.


Material: Stainless Steel

Not suitable for use in a microwave

Full Capacity: 1.2L

Practical Capacity: 0.8L

Suitable for gas, electric, induction and halogen stoves

Size: W29.2 x D14.4 x H14.7 cm

Made in Japan

Note: The inner wall of the kettle may have been slightly browned from the high-heat when the exterior surface was color-coated. This does not affect the quality or usage of the kettle.