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Overall: Pomegranate, jackfruit, dried mango, syrupy body with a cocoa finish.

Roast level: MEDIUM LIGHT

Brew methods: pour over, drip, filter, aeropress

This special lot of Papua New Guinea (PNG), Monpi coffee is made entirely from Smallholder farms from Jiwaka Province. The regions high altitudes and fertile lands not only help to provide the optimum setting for coffee growing, but also microclimate like conditions that give lots from Arufa their unique characteristics.

Coffee was initially introduced to Papua New Guinea (PNG) in the late 19th century and is directly linked to the country’s colonial history. Likely, coffee was first grown in PNG by Emma Coe Forsayth: a businesswoman and plantation owner of mixed American and Samoan descent. Emma set up large cocoa and coconut plantations in the Kokopo District in the East New Britain Province (ENBP). It is probable that her vast plantation also included coffee. Today, coffee is a major industry for Papua New Guinea with the country currently exporting around 1 million bags of coffee every year; involving more than 2.5 million people (nearly half of the total population).

Farm: Monpi Coffee Exports
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1653 meters above sea level
Owner: Smallholder farmers
Town / City: S 05.86927 E144.34660
Region: Jiwaka Province

Image used in cover art from creative png from pngtree.com

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