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RBR can schedule a workshop for customers who are interested in an introduction to brewing class or advanced training for a specific coffee brewing area such as latte art or espresso extraction fundamentals.

We believe in bite-sized modules of 1 hour to allow beginners/advanced coffee enthusiasts to have the best balance of learning, fun, caffeine and knowledge retention.

Modules offered are as follows:

  • Introduction to hand-brewed methods (up to 2 -3 methods with hands-on)
  • Deep dive into 1 hand-brew method
  • Aeropress - beyond plunging coffee
  • Manual Espresso making - produce espresso without electricity
  • Introduction to espresso theory and basics (dial-in good coffee from your espresso machine)
  • Basics of milk frothing and making milk-based espresso drinks (Introduction to espresso theory is a pre-requisite or other verification of fundamental knowledge on operating espresso machines and what makes a good shot)
  • Workshop/classes are done in hourly blocks and charged at $85 per head with a maximum group size of 2.  

To book for a group, please select the size of group to reflect the number of participants you would like to pre-pay for.

You may be paired with other friendly coffee enthusiasts (total 2) for similar interest workshops. 

Workshops are ONLY available on Saturdays between 11am-12pm and 2pm-3pm. 

Click on Whatsapp button on our website to chat with our Coffee Concierge if you have any queries!

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