Cold Brew Delivery in Singapore

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Enjoy a perfectly-brewed coffee whenever you want. Round Boy Roasters offers cold brew delivery services within Singapore. Our popular batch-brewed and packaged products are great for on-the-go or home consumption. Stockpile in your home or office and experience the convenience of having a ready-to-drink coffee to satiate your caffeine fix.

What's special about cold brew coffee?

Cold brew coffee is currently the “hottest” trend in coffee. It is perfect for anyone’s varying coffee-drinking habits, has a refreshing taste, and is more convenient than brewing a single serve coffee by yourself. Just to be clear - cold brew is different from iced coffee. Cold brew coffee is created by steeping coffee beans in cold water. The process takes a minimum of 12 hours up to a day. Iced coffee, on the other hand, is regular coffee served over ice. 

Unlike hot coffee, cold brewed coffee isn’t exposed to heat. Instead, it uses time to extract the oils, caffeine, and sugar of the coffee beans. Although the coffee beans used for cold and hot brew coffee come from the same source, the brewing method may change the overall taste of your coffee. Hot brew coffee has a crisp acidic yet aromatic flavour with a hint of bitterness and gentle sweetness, while cold brew coffee has a gentle sweetness and smooth flavour with a dash of acidity without the bitterness. Cold brew has higher antioxidants, lower acidity and bitterness, making it a healthy ready to drink coffee option.

Order Your Cold Brew Online from Round Boy Roasters

Our bottled cold brew coffee is sure to satisfy every Singaporean coffee drinker’s taste. We’ve got bottled single origin cold brew that caters to different palates.

For a bolder and richer taste, try our Black Cold Brew - slow-steeped coffee made from various single origins. We rotate the beans we brew depending on what we have or what we feel like brewing. Our Coffee Concentrate is recommended if you prefer your coffee to be a bit more versatile - one that offers variety and more customisable to your taste. Mix it up with your favourite milk, hot water, syrup, or any coffee additions you prefer.

If you prefer a milky and sweet taste, we’ve got our White Widow - our best-selling cold brew creation made from slowly-steeped coffee with milk. 

Our specialty coffee and cold brew creations have varying shelf life. However, we recommend you consume them at once to experience their exquisite flavours. Our White Widow Ready-to-Drink Coffee is best consumed within 7 days. Our Black Cold Brew Ready-to-Drink is best consumed within 14 days. For the Ready-to-Drink Coffee Concentrate, we recommend consuming it within 30 days. All our ready-to-drink coffee must be stored at 4°C in the fridge.

Round Boy Roasters is all about providing quality specialty coffee with our cold brew coffee delivery service. We recommend that you self pickup your coffee from our cafe at Tiong Bahru and bring an insulated bag to keep the cold brew coffee chilled. However, if you cannot pick them up yourself, you can have them delivered through our express courier. If you’re a fellow coffee nut, why not try our online coffee subscription? Get a monthly supply of some of our best single origin and blends. Who knows, maybe you can even create your own cold brew at home!

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