How our subscriptions work

It's never been easier to get great coffee at home and work. Keep your supply high by purchasing a subscription with us.

(1) Choose your coffee - Simply select either omakase (which means we'll handle and recommend relevant coffee to your brew methods) or any specific coffee bean single origin or blend you would like to have regularly.

(2) Pick your frequency - You can have it weekly, every 2 weeks, every 10 days, monthly. It's your choice. Just select the interval you'd like to receive your replenishment and we'll roast, pack and deliver according to agreed schedule.

(3) Pay for the subscription- Payment is collected in recurring bills + shipment charged separately at $3-4 per shipment, (you can also self collect if you like). We have a minimum lock in period of 6 deliveries to make up for the volume discount given. Subscribers also tend to receive exclusive unlisted roasts and premium beans in omakase subs.

(4) Sit back, relax and enjoy your coffee.

Find our omakase subscription here!